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May. 12th, 2011

shirt half unbuttoned

Rome, Italy [Thursday morning]

The service was held in a small chapel on the outskirts of the city. Nothing fancy, nothing even all that official considering that the Agency itself wasn't involved in his particular event.

Hilshire looked even more reserved than usual...Collapse )

[NFB, the last post I suspect I'll make from this journal]

May. 10th, 2011

smoldering eyes

Rome, Italy [The wee hours of Tuesday morning]

Triela woke with a start...Collapse )

[NFI, NFB, warning for death]

May. 9th, 2011

shirt half unbuttoned

Rome, Italy [Monday night]

Triela had slept off and on throughout the day. She's tried to be awake for her friends, but she was just so... tired. She was pretty sure she'd fallen asleep in the middle of at least one conversation, and she knew that was a bad sign.

She knew that Hilshire had told everyone who was visiting that they could stay as long as they wished, and for some reason that was oddly comforting.

But apparently all the sleeping throughout the day had helped because she was awake. For the moment, at least.

[NFB for distance. Open for calls, or visits for anyone who's in Rome. This will be the last chance to talk to Triela, so I'm totally open for as much SP as people want.]

May. 8th, 2011

utterly elegant

Rome, Italy [Sunday]

The Social Welfare Agency was situated in a massive compound on the edge of the city. It had once been a boarding school. A very high-end one. A massive two-wing dormitory, gardens, classrooms, administrative buildings. Much of it had been repurposed: some of the gardens converted into shooting ranges, some of the classrooms into medical facilities.

The unused north wing of the dormitory had been set aside for the guests who were expected to trickle in throughout the day in case they wished to stay overnight.

Hilshire, sensing that Triela was getting annoyed with his hovering in the medical building, had appointed himself as official greeter and guide. The rules were simple: visitors could wander the outdoor parts of the grounds at will, as long as they took note of the various warning signs for live fire ranges, they could wander the dorms, the dining hall, and the medical wing at will, but all the other buildings were off-limits.

[For those who got the invitation. NFB for distance.]

Feb. 1st, 2011

hair in face

Room 528 [Tuesday afternoon]

In the back of Triela's closet, there was a long shelf filled with slim little diaries. Each of them was nearly identical: bland beige covers, scrupulously clean and cared for, stacked in little rows. The only thing to differentiate any of them were a pair of precisely drawn numbers on their spines.

At the moment there was a gap on the shelf, precisely the width of one of the little journals. The volume to the left of the gap was labeled "6" and "10", the volume to the right "8" and "10". Presumably the missing one was the one laid carefully out on Triela's desk. She was reading through it with a slight frown on her face. Next to the book she had a pad of paper on which she was making notes.

Her expression suggested that these were not notes that she was happy to be making.

Eventually she came to the end of the journal and closed it with a soft sigh. She flipped through the couple of pages of notes she'd made before leaning back in her chair and reaching up with one hand to pinch the bridge of her nose.


[Door cracked, post open.]

Jan. 2nd, 2011

over the shoulder

The Social Welfare Agency, Rome, Italy [Sunday morning]

Triela sat at the table in the center of the room she shared with Claes. She didn't have anything to occupy her hands with since all of her stuff was packed in anticipation of returning to Fandom.

Even though she had no indication that she'd be making said return.

Claes turned the page in whatever book she was reading today and glanced up.Collapse )

[Shut up! I bet I'm not the latest to post something that should have happened, like, last week!]

Dec. 21st, 2010

ghost of a smile

Room 528 [Tuesday afternoon]

Triela looked around the room. She was pretty sure she'd managed to pack everything. Her closet and drawers were empty, and she'd cleaned out her desk and even packed her collection of bears. She wasn't sure that she wasn't coming back, of course, but it was a distinct possibility. With the Conditioning beginning to deteriorate, it was entirely possible that the Agency wouldn't send her out unsupervised again.

And they hadn't told her either way since she'd... sort of not mentioned the fact that it was deteriorating. Plenty of time to do that once she got back, right? Right.

It was somewhat surprising to realize that not being allowed to come back would make her sad. Since when had she started looking forward to graduating from high school? She shook her head and sighed, looking around the room again.

She supposed... well, she should probably leave Emma a note. Not that Emma was prone to worrying (which was something Triela appreciated), but it was only polite.

So Triela took the time to stack her bags by the door and sat down at her desk to begin writing. Something short and simple, that was all she needed.

[Open. And while Triela's not sure she's coming back, I am.]

Nov. 9th, 2010

ghost of a smile

Room 528 [Tuesday night]

The tension that had begun building on Monday had only gotten worse throughout the day until, by the end of the evening, she was practically vibrating with it. Which was an interesting choice of phrase considering her purchases yesterday.

And now seemed like an excellent time to... experiment. That might help her sleep calmly tonight.

[Door close, mostly establishy, but open to anyone who's looking for her. Or the roomie.]

Aug. 21st, 2010

ghost of a smile

Social Welfare Agency, Rome, Italy [Saturday afternoon]

"I've got the final report, Director," Hilshire said, holding out a manila folder for the gray-haired man behind the desk.

"Summarize it for me."

"Medical has rethought their stance on Conditioning implant locations. While the biceps is a convenient location for maintenance and replacement, field experience has demonstrated that they're vulnerable to non-disabling damage. While this is the sort of thing that would have been caught if we'd brought Triela in after that little incident in Bulgaria rather than relying on whatever abilities Karla has, if we had been running a long-term op we would have run into a similar problem."

The director lifted an eyebrow.

"They want to relocate. Place them under the fourth rib, right side."

"And Triela?"

"She's improving. Psych believes that long-term damage is going to be minimal. We're not sure what effects this may have on Conditioning, but she's stabilized now and they're going to install a clean implant tomorrow. Actually, they're going to install two at half-dosage. That way if one gets lost, she won't completely lose stability."

The director's eyebrow rose farther. "And Triela?"

"She's..." Hilshire took a deep breath. "Nine months, sir. Maybe as many as eleven."

"Write up that recommendation," the director said. "Have it on my desk by next week."

"Yes, sir."

"You can go check up on your partner, Hilshire."

"Thank you, sir." Hilshire nodded and turned to stride out of the room.

The director always had been able to read him.

[NFB for distance.]

Aug. 19th, 2010

all business

The Causeway [Late Thursday morning]

Triela was standing at the Causeway when Hilshire arrived to pick her up. She was feeling okay, but the headache was slowly building again. Her back was straight, her posture solid. No trembles today, at least.

"How are you feeling?" Hilshire asked.


Sure she was. But fine enough, he hoped.

"Do you have everything you need?"


"Then let's go. Medical wing is waiting."

[Open for anyone who may want to catch Triela and Hilshire before they leave for Rome.]

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